The semester has started

and I swear the students are more brain dead then ever. It snowed last night and you would think by now students would have a clue about hills, cars and snow and ice. But no, one student thought walking down the middle of a steep hill covered in snow and ice with LOTS of traffic was good thing. The scary thing is he'll probably breed before he finally gets himself removed from the gene pool.


On a better front the civilizing of the Scrapper cat continues. We managed to keep
him in the house last night with very little drama and after he had breakfast, went out when I left for work. Hubby will bring him in if he's on the porch when he gets back from running errands. I'm hoping to get him into the house tonight and keep him in for the next week as the temps will be dropping to single digits and I don't want him outside. I've some paperwork to get a coupon from the Humane Society for $30 off a neutering at the vets, so we will see about getting him edited asap so we can hopefully reduce the amount of fights and scrapes he is getting into. His poor ears are very chewed up.

Did manage to do some of the belly dancing DVD the other night, problem was hubby decided he wanted french dip sandwiches for dinner so things didn't go as smoothly as planned. Dinner was delish tho and I had plenty of leftovers for lunch yesterday.

I did follow thru with the chicken and rice dish I had planned on for dinner last night. Turned out very yummy. I made a sauce with peanut butter, coconut milk and pad thai sauce. After tasting we decided it needed something to give it a kick and I sprinkled in a bit of green tabasco sauce. That did the trick and I am looking forward to my leftovers for lunch hehehehehe.