On the downhill slope

to the weekend. This morning started of cold and sunny and by the time I got done with lunch we had big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow falling. As pretty as it is looking, I was enjoying the relative warm weather we were having, leaky rood not withstanding. Oh well, I still have my snow shovel handy.

Going to start taking the tree down tonight, I'll take a couple days to do it and then look at putting decorations away this weekend. But not too quickly, the place always looks depressing if I take things down to fast.

Instead of putting the cabinet back in the place the tree is, I'll leave it in hubby's office and put up the sewing table instead. If I have the sewing machine in sight and ready to go I might actually get some mending done.

DAMN!!! Just read on the web a UI cheerleader was killed in a car accident and another was injured in the same accident. One other young woman was also killed and a couple others injured as well. That sucks. The two killed were only 18 and 19. So very sad.

To all those idiots who are having a flying hissy fit about a congresscritter having a private swearing in on the Quran AFTER the formal oath taking WHICH DOESN"T HAVE ANY RELIGIOUS ASPECT AT ALL!, build a bridge and get over your own damned selves (to steal a wonderful phrase from a friend of mine). I think is is way cool of Congressman Ellison to use Thomas Jefferson's own Quran to do so. Congresscritter Goode needs to go back to school and study history, since he obviously slept thru that subject while growing up and going to school. I'm beginning to think we need SATs or something in order for people to serve in office. I strongly suspect a good chunk of them currently sitting in office couldn't pass their way out of an 8th grade civics class to save their lives.

We were subjected to the BS between Rosie and The Donald. SIGH!!!!!! To both of them:

build a bridge and get over your own damned selves!!!!

Jeeze louise! Some people will do ANYTHING to garner attention and these are two who need to slither off and get lives, preferably not in the public view.

Oh well, eventually the news will focus on some other non-important celebrity to bore us to death with their inane feuds and opinions.

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