An experiment

Decided to go a week gluten free starting tomorrow. I've been getting these little niggling thoughts in the back of my brain for a while and have been checking symptoms of celiac's and a good many of them I am having. The thing being is the symptoms can also be a sign of something else, but decided to see what going off gluten says.

There is a slight outside chance of developing celiac's, a high number of Graves' patients have been diagnosed with it. Having one autoimmune disorder leaves you open to developing another, so one needs to be really in tune with ones bod for anything out of the ordinary.

Luckily I have a small supply of gluten free mixes I'd gotten on Freecycle so I could have stuff to feed friends, so I won't be completely devoid of things I like, like mac & cheese. I also have half a package of Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour so I can have my pancakes this weekend.

If it looks like I improve on a gluten free diet, I can have my new doc check me (there are tests) to see if it is celiacs, or if I am really lucky I am just be simply intolerant and need to only cut back on the amount I eat and can still enjoy my favorite dishes, only not as often. I'm mildly lactose intolerant and as long as I don't go overboard on cheese and milk and such can avoid the ickies.

Speaking of new doc, I have my appointment for Feb 12th to see him. I just got the patient packet yesterday and I will add my adaptation of the "fat" letter to the doctor written by Hanne Blank, along with a copy of the Health at Every Size tenets so he will know exactly where I stand on the issue when I take it in for the first visit.

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

No plans this weekend, just stay home and putter about the house. I'll look at making a big pot of bean soup so I will have something good to bring for lunch next week since I won't be able to have my sandwiches. Rats, just realized some of my pre-packaged chicken dishes I made are made with gravy/seasoning packets with wheat/gluten in them. Luckily I do have plenty of chicken that is plain. Have to see how well teff flour does for making chicken nuggets since I've been having a craving for those for a while. If it turns out I'll definately write about it and post the recipe on my food blog. Double rats, just realized I can't make a beer batter either. Oh well, I have plenty of club soda that will work for the batter.

Haven't seen the Scrapper kitty for a couple of days, tho I know he is hanging around as he is eating his kitty food. Haven't been too worried about him being outside again at night, the single digit temps have gone away, tho I would like to keep bringing him in just to let him knows he is welcome in the house. Still waiting to get the coupon for getting him edited and then I really need to make sure I keep him in the house so he'll be available to take to the vet.

Starting to get ansy to do some gardening, even if there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. Now I'm really kicking myself for A) not finishing the cold frame and B) not getting the greenhouse built. Well, if the snow gos away in the next month and it isn't too cold on the weekends I can see what I can do about the greenhouse. I still have ideas of how to use all the windows I scored off of Freecycle for it. I do want to get an early start on gardening if at all possible. All I really have to do with the cold frame is put the top on and figure out a away to prop it open when I need to.
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