Day 5

and so far so good, tho yesterday afternoon my tummy was NOT happy with me after lunch. Not sure why, but lunch didn't settle too well (leftover chicken with peanut sauce and rice from Sat night) and I ended up havinging a piece of corn bread and a can of Shasta lemon lime soda for dinner. Was in bed by 9:30, I would have gone earlier, but I figured 7pm was too early.

Feeling better today, brought bean soup and corn bread for lunch. Dinner tonight will be chicken with ranch seasoning and rice. Something quick and simple.

The pain in my knees has gotten better, I don't scream with I get out of bed in the morning or when standing up after sitting for a while. The pain in the left knee is still making itself known, but not as badly. Not sure if it is from being gluten-free or the fact I started wearing my Crocs again the other day. I'll look at wearing regular shoes the next few days to see.

I would like to take a moment to say "DIE FOOD NETWORK DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!" They haven't renewed Chris Cognac's show "The Hungry Detective". If you haven't seen it, find it on rereuns and watch. Here is a great guy who loves food, is an average Joe and is very entertaining to boot. AND THEY HAVEN'T RENEWED HIS SHOW!!!!!!

DAMN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is rapidly getting to the point where I won't be watching that channel anymore, there are very few shows left I like to watch. There is Good Eats, Ace of Cakes, Secret Life of.., and The Hungry Detective. I can't beleve they keep renewing the Semi-ho, that woman's only redeeming features is her breasts, if that is your bent. She couldn't cook her way out of the bottle of the liquer bottle she crawls into every show. The show is horrid, she is a simpering drunk and the "food" she "cooks" is an abomination. Real foodies need to desend upon the network and line the idiots who think this is good programming up against the wall.


We picked up a Krups coffee/expresso maker on Freecycle a while back. Had to order a new kieve for the expresso part, it was missing. Got that, went to try out the steam part and nothing worked. The coffee maker side works fine, but the expresso side doesn't. Hubby is working on it to see if it is a loose connection or something. I'm hoping it is fixable as I do like my occasional expresso/latte and this would be handy.

Weather is gettign warmer, for now. Managed to get Nicky out of the house this morning. He hasn't been out for quite a while. At most he might go out on the deck and then immediately wants back in. He's been a terror of late, I think becasue he's been stuck in the house. He's been picky on KiKi something awful, tho last night he and KiKi snuggled up to hubby half the night, Nicky at his feet and KiKi not too far away at his back. Hopefully with the warmer weather this week he can run off his excess energy outside.

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