Okay, hubby is relieved

He knows how much I like the holidays and gets worried if I don't start decorating. One year I was so bummed and he had been cranky I'd decided I wasn't going to decorate, until he finally told me I needed to. He does like the tree and lights and the sparklies aspect, even if he doesn't like the holidays. So I did and everyone was happy.

So far I have one set of lights up on the one shelf, I'll be putting the lights around the mirror soon and garland up here and there. I'll get pics and/or vid up once I get it all done. The Crone is looking quite festive with her multi-colored boa and the gold garland around her hat. If I can find the right sized santas hat she'll be getting to wear that to. I still need to find the santas hat that Ms Ella will be sporting for the holidays.

Finally got Scrapper cat in the house today. Only a few squables. he's currently hiding out down in the bedroom. Rum Tum is outside, so he's only having to worry about Nick and KiKi. I did give everyone cat nip, he LOVED it.

MMMMMMMM, got the Sirius channel up that is running Christmas songs. Currently it's Barry Manilow doing Jingle Bells. Earlier we got the FULL version of You're a mean one Mr Grinch. We've been recording so hubby can pull off a bunch of songs so I can have a nice disc. Speaking o music, we'll be getting Il divo's christmas album later today, I so can't wait to hear it. I LOVE Il Divo.

Sunny out and cold. Very pretty. Got footage last night of the fog and still need to process that. I'm really liking my new little vid camera. It's an RCA Small Wonder. A point and record, does 30 minutes of recording and the output is in AVI so it is easier for me to process and make movies with.

Well, back to decorating, it's looking so SPQRKLIE in here hehehehehehe
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