Nothing says I love you like a new rifle

I LOVE my hubby. I had downloaded our digicam as he had taken some photos that he needed to check. I was going thru (I had some I'd done earlier) and zipped thru the ones of the cat and came to one of a rifle I'd never seen before laying on mybed.

Needless to say I went "HUH!?!?!?!?!?!". Hubby then handed me a clip with 8 rounds of 30-06 and said I would need it.

I raced for the bedroom (it wasn't there) and he went in the office and came out with my new baby:

1943 (our gun guy thought) M1 Garand.

Now we've GOTTA renew our membership in the range cuz I want to go shooting (and I don't care if it is 35F with a windchill of minus 20 :D ).

Now hubby can have his Enfield back and we can go hunting together :)

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