Halfway there

Week is almost half over. There is a lighting ceremony downtown tonight, we're going to stop by after work and see the festivities. We don't get out and do stuff as often as we'd like (well, mostly becasue we find out about stuff AFTER the fact). I'll take my cameras and get pics and vid.

Got Scrapper cat into the house for a while last night. I now have one set of destroyed blinds on the one kitchen window. Oh well, they are cheap and I've had to replace a number of them over the years when Mister Kitty would get nuts about going outside and would break them.

Scrapper got lots of cuddles and some chicken as a treat. He is such a lovely dovey. Tried to talk some friends into taking him, but they've recently gotten a kitten, so aren't looking for another kitty. Had someone suggest using Felliway spray to help with getting everyone to get along, so will probably look at that for when I try and get him in for the weekends. With the exception of a little hissing and growling on Nicky's and KiKi's part, things were pretty calm. KiKi sat on the back of the couch while I had Scrapper curled up next to me and there was only me between the two.

Dinner last night was fried chicken and sides from Winco. And lots and lots of rum and coke (okay, not lots, enough to make the pain in my shoulders go away for awhile). I was too wiped out to think about cooking and all the coughing is making my muscles tight and not sleeping well isn't helping at all. I'm wishing I still has some of the magic cough syrup I'd gotten afew years ago. Cherry flavored codeine, I slept REAL good hehehehehehe.

Not a clue what I'll do for dinner tonight, probably pull some turkey out of the freezer or maybe some burger I'd fried up previously and make some hamburger helper stuff. Something quick at least.