I think I sprained my throat!

I've been couging so much the muscles hurt! At least the muscles in my tummy have stopped hurting, but I really don't want to cough anymore. But if I stifle it it is really bad when I do cough.


Been puttering around, got the pumpkin pies done and in the freezer and today I got the sweet potato casseroles done. It was everything I could do to NOT eat both of them right out of the oven LOL, they were darned tasty. I filmed both sessions and hopefully can get them edited down to where I can post them on YouTube. I had planned on having the casseroles done yesterday along with the mashed potatos, but didn't get around to it, so tomorrow is mashed potato and bread day.

Cleaned out enough of the fridge to take out the one shelf so I could get the turkey in. A 25.5 lb bird is too big with all the shelves in and there was no room in the freezer. Since we bought the bird on Friday night I had to stash it in the locker out on the deck, so good thing it's been cold enough out.

Did discover while cleaning out the fridge that my sourdough starter died. That's what I get for ignoring it so long. I'll see about getting some new started this week as I do want to get back into baking bread and my sour dough comes out tasty.

Mom's plane arrived fine and we picked her up and took her to her hotel. Once she checked in we went to the Sangria Grill for dinner. I ended up bring half my dinner home it was so much. Had the vegetarian fried rice with veggies. YUM!!!!! hubby tried one of their burgers and mom opted for one of the appetizers, which was just the right amout for a dinner. I love that restaurant.

Hubby scored a 6 CD player on Freecycle, it will be nice to have as the DVD player is flaky when it comes to playing music CDs.

We've decided to turn the front hall closet into an additional pantry, so sometime in the next few weeks I need to go thru and see what we can fling. I'm thinking a lot of the coats and such we no longer wear and a few odds and sods that can go on Freecycle. Then get some shelves to put in there.

WOO HOOO!!!! Hubby and I are great aunts and uncles!!!! His neice had a baby girl tonight. His sister called a little while ago to let us know.

Well, need to putter a bit more before bed. If I am lucky I can get a full nights sleep without coughing (yeh right, in my dreams PPPTHHHTTTTHHHH).
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