It's Friday

and the system is down at work, so here I sit twiddling my thumbs. SIGH!!! Pity they won't send us home, I can thiink of LOTS of stuff I can be doing there. Hopefully things will be back up soon, I've a stack of books to process and patron records to correct.

So in the meantime, catch up time :D hehehehehe

The big shop I had planned on didn't happen. Hubby paid the bills and discovered some meds he was low on, so instead of a couple of hundred bucks, we had less then $100. Originally it was going to be almost $70, but hubby fiddled a bit and managed to switch a couple things around so we had a bit more. Spent most of it on meat at Costco. Bought 2 bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs, a 2 pack of whole fryers, a 3 pack of pork sirloin roast, a bottle of Johnny's Garlic Ceasar seasoning, a big container of peeled whole garlic and some aspirin and Vitamin E. We did pick up a tire inflator that plugs into the lighter, we need one, it came in handy reinflating the air matress on the bed (used hubys set up for his CPAP when the power goes out) and we'll definately use it for inflating the exercise ball. We only spent $10 on it so I don't feel like we were taking food out of the pantry. Did a shop at Winco and Safeway, at Safeway we picked up a bunch of ramen for .08 cents each. At Winco we picked up several loaves of bread (I'll toss most of them in the freezer), 2 doz eggs, powdered milk, dutch baking cocoa for mochas, bananas, a 72 count package of sliced cheese and a couple pounds of peanuts to make peanut butter.

I'd run out of peanut oil the last time I'd made peanut butter and discovered that a blend of olive oil and roasted sesame oil makes for a very yummy peanut butter.

We definately won't starve, tho I had better come up with lots of ways to fix rice since that is all we have in the house to make sides LOL. I am going to go thru the pantry and make a proper inventory and see what all I do have and then sit down and make plans. With luck I can finish picking up the stuff I need next pay day.

BTW, folk in the US (and maybe Canada) should definately check out Safeways new Ranch Reserve meats. They are to die for. Lots of flavor and very tender. We picked up a couple of chuck roasts as with the card they were $1.88 a pound. I broiled one of them with just kosher salt and white pepper and OOOOOOOOO it was delish.

Got back the results of my mammogram, every thing normal and looking good. Back on my multivits and had started taking calcium citrate caps as I'm not doing as much dairy as I was and I've not been getting the levels of calcium I need. I am hoping all the muscle aches and pains is from lack of calcium and things will get better soon. With my multivits and supplements I am getting a minimum of 110% daily required, so add to that what ever I am getting in calcium enriched organge juice and foods that contain it I should be doing good.

Looking forward to a just putter around the house weekend, probably see about tacking a corner of the bedroom and seeing what I can declutter, tho I may tackle the kitchen drawers instead. I'll see what I feel like when I get around to it hehehehehehe :P

Picked up a Gmail account last week, been very happy with it. Haven't had one bit of spam at all. I remember signing up for a Hotmail account once and within 10 minutes I had a whole lotta spam and I hadn't even posted the addy anywhere. Same with my Yahoo email accounts. I'm slowly moving a bunch of my group mail over to gmail, it should make it easier for me to search my recipe list mail as I tend to leave the messages with recipes in my folder until such time I get around to copying them to my Accuchef program. Since the messages don't always say what is in them, I can search for specific messages (say anthing with chicken in them) and then copy those into my Accuchef chicken cookbook :)

The car was in and out of the shop in one day. They apparently schedule repairs for 2 days since they invariably have problems getting parts removed from the vehicles. Not ours hehehehe, they got it up and everything went slicker then snot and we had her back Monday afternoon. It is running SOOOOOO much better.

Garden still puttering along. My big tomatos are starting to turn light green, so I am hoping in a week or two to have them for toasted cheese and tomato sandwichs YUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM I'm getting more cucumbers and the cherry tomatos are also still coming along. So I can at least do cucumber and cherry tomato salads (if I don't keep eating the cherry tomatos while I am puttering inthe garden LOL).

BTW, September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let's be hearin' LOTS of Pirate talk from all ye mateys, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!